Introduction to Tools

Tools covers technology and products that are used to support you in the things that you need to accomplish.

Here we will be covering tools such as:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processors
  • Writing tools
  • Blogging tools
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Analysis of websites
  • E-mail and web templates
  • Databases
  • Organizational software
  • Task management software
  • Web browsers

We here at Take Charge use both Windows-based and Apple-based products as well as Open Source and cloud-based tools.

While our preference is for Apple-based products for the most part, no one provider is right for everyone. For example, on Apple products, there is a spreadsheet called Numbers, but there is also a spreadsheet from Microsoft called Excel. If one is a power user of spreadsheets then their preference may be Excel. Excel runs on both Apple and Windows based platforms. Numbers does not.

In the case of mobile we prefer the iPhone and the iPad, but that does not say that there isn't something that meets your needs from another vendor such as Amazon, Samsung or even some of the up-and-coming Windows-based products. As an aside, we think that Windows phone is a viable alternative to either the BlackBerry or an android-based phone.

Tools help us do our job but they should not get in the way of us being efficient.