Changes made to look and feel

Made some "tweaks" to the code in the back-end to fix some bugs I found.

Change should be transparent to (hopefully) everyone. Those that might notice are using out of date browsers.

As a note on browsers...

While sometimes updates take awhile (especially with Microsoft), updating to the latest release of a browser is usually a very good thing to do. Why? Security! There are always threats and most of those come through the browser. Another good reason is keeping current with standards (and the reason we do not support IE6). In fact, Microsoft wants you off IE6 as fast as possible and has a site dedicated to doing just that.

While we try and support as many browsers as possible and back as far as makes sense, every company chooses to support standards based on their own interpretations as to what is right. Until recently the most challenging has been Internet Explorer. However, with the release of IE9, Microsoft is getting better at what we here consider "the right thing to do".

More tweaks and fixes to come while we're in this Beta stage.

Initial Site News

Today was all about getting the site online and operating.

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be tweaking, adjusting, making some structural changes and incorporate feedback. We plan on having a bunch of stuff available for you by May 1st, but in the meantime we'll be publishing as we go.

Think of this as a "Beta". If you wish, please leave feedback. We don't require anything except a comment unless you want us to respond back.

We appreciate any and all feedback and everything will be reviewed and considered.

Thanks for visitng!!!

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