Introduction to Productivity

While we are going to be spending the majority of our time talking about productivity and enabling it from of technology sense, nothing will be improved unless we first get our processes and workflow together.

What is meant as a processes? A process is similar to a workflow, however, a workflow might be made up of a series of processes. A process is simply a sequence of events, or things that you do, or actions you take, that may or may not have an end result in mind.

What is an example of the process? It may be a simple as scanning a series of documents. The act of scanning could be defined as processing paperwork.

What is meant as a workflow? Workflow is really the sequence of events and/or processes that it takes, from start to finish, to allow you to achieve a given goal or milestone. In the example above, where we are scanning a series of documents, let's put it in context of electronic filing. Although scanning a series of documents in and of itself is a series of processes, it does not get us to the end goal of filing those documents in an easy to retrieve matter. In this example, a workflow would include identifying where the documents should reside and how they should be organized. The in goal would be to have all of the scanned documents be in an easy to retrieve system.

So, while we have touched on one part of productivity "organizing", there are many other components to being productive. Indeed, in organizing, other subjects will be discussed. These will include but are not limited to:

  • How to structure
  • What to keep
  • Go paperless
  • Go mobile

At the top level of productivity we will also cover subjects such as:

  • Getting things done
  • What to prioritize
  • Getting it out of your head and into a system
  • Making things actionable
  • Breaking things down
  • Making sure it's important

The end goal of productivity is to really help but being focused on the important and actionable things that we need to do. This is not just in relationship to business, but your personal life as well.