Introduction to News & Opinion

TechnologyWe here at Take Charge are, for the lack of a better description, tech junkies. We are constantly monitoring and reviewing the latest news about technologies, methodologies and approaches to a wide variety of things.

For example, at this time, mobile is transforming the computing industry. Just as the personal computer disrupted the idea that you had to be connected to large central computers, smart phones and tablets are now redefining the personal computer industry. People that used to look at desktops or laptops are now seriously considering simply going with a smart phone and a tablet for the majority of their computing use.

In the News section we will keep you posted on developments and trends that may impact or influence your life. We will be covering subjects such as:

  • Usability: what makes things easy to use and what gets in the way
  • Mobile: one of the hottest sections of the technology marketplace with constant product cycle and feature set changes
  • Innovation: new products and ideas are being developed at a frightening pace, and we love disruptive technology.
  • Just Plain Cool: sometimes things come out where you wonder how can I use something like that but we have to admit is just wickedly cool
  • Site News: Want to know the "going's on" and behind the scenes of Take Charge? This is the place

In the Opinion section we will give you our viewpoints on how we see these developments and trends manifesting themselves over time. Why is this important? Because having a leg up on what is going on can have a substantial impact on the things you do going forward.

For example, had RIM or Yahoo paid attention to what was going on in the marketplace, they would not be in the positions that they are now. In fact, Microsoft underestimated Apple, Google underestimated Facebook and Dell underestimated the impact of the tablet in the enterprise.

While we will offer our opinion as to what is going on and how it might impact you, please understand that it is opinion only. Sometimes we get it right (Apple will be valued higher than Microsoft) and other times, not so much (Hulu may become a viable alternative to Netflix). However, it will give you insight into what the industry is thinking and where things are going.