It's Margin not Marketshare in Mobile

Apple Smartphone Market ProfitBusiness Insider had a great chart up today that nails the whole Android versus iPhone argument on the value of Marketshare.

Even though Business Insider has had a basis and faulty analysis/reporting in the past about Anndroid, the numbers are now piling on and it's hard to ignore the fact that iPhone is killing it with margin and developer support.

While is has been acknowledged that Android based handsets have the volume, what is not taken into account is if they are profitable.

This chart gives us some insight into the dominance that is iPhone and the reason that others Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android are in peril.

Who is a viable competitor to iPhone? I would argue that it’s Microsoft with their Windows Phone.

Should I get the Latest BlackBerry?

blackberry-noOften I am asked:

Should I purchase another BlackBerry phone?

At this time, unless there is a directive out of your control, we would advise against it. RIM has consistently missed the innovation curve for the last few years and is now in the position of getting out of the consumer phone business.


Should I Buy a new Apple Computer?

MacBookAir-640x457Are you thinking of buying a new Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac between April 2012 and July 2012?

If you are, we recommend you hold off for a couple off months to see what happens.

If you really need something now and can't afford to wait - don't.


Introduction to News & Opinion

TechnologyWe here at Take Charge are, for the lack of a better description, tech junkies. We are constantly monitoring and reviewing the latest news about technologies, methodologies and approaches to a wide variety of things.

For example, at this time, mobile is transforming the computing industry. Just as the personal computer disrupted the idea that you had to be connected to large central computers, smart phones and tablets are now redefining the personal computer industry. People that used to look at desktops or laptops are now seriously considering simply going with a smart phone and a tablet for the majority of their computing use.