Upload Document to Google Docs

google-docsHow do we upload a document to Google Docs? The process is actually very straightforward.

This articles describes how to upload a document in it's native format. For example, if you have a Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint file, you may not want to accept the defaults (conversion to an equivalent Google Docs offering). Instead, you may want it in the same (native) format that it was saved to on your hard-drive.

This is important if you want to either share or re-open the file in the application that it was created in.

In order to upload and file to Google Docs, the first thing to do is:

Step 1:

Head over to http://docs.google.com and log in to your account

Google Docs sign in page should look like:

Google Docs Login Screen

If it doesn’t, look in the top right corner of the browser window and you should see the login name that you might have been automatically logged in as:

2012-04-29 06-56-22

If this is OK, skip to Step 3

Step 2:

If it is not the name you want to log in as, you must log out first. Do this by clicking on the name and you will see a drop down window. Click the sign out button to ensure you are logged out and return to Step 1 to log back in again.

Google Docs Signout

Step 3:

Once you have logged in, you should see a window that looks similar to below. Note that your window may have files already in the list if this is an account that you are sharing or have used before.

2012-04-29 06-46-35

Step 4:

In order to upload the document, click the little red icon that looks like a disk drive with an up arrow in it. Then click settings.

What we are about to do is to ensure that any file that is uploaded is NOT converted. We want the files to stay as they are so that if they are retrieved, they will work in the original program that created them.

2012-04-28 22-07-46

Step 5:

Once you have clicked on “Settings”, you will see the first line that says “Convert uploaded files to Google Doc format”. Make sure there is no “checkmark” next it. If there is, click on the line to make the checkmark go away.

Google Docs Upload Settings

Step 6:

Next we are going to upload the file itself. To do this, Click on the upload icon again and then click on “Files…”

Upload File

Step 7:

Once you’ve Clicked on “Files…”, you should get an upload dialog box

Note: In this example, the image is using Mac File Finder. You will see the same thing in Windows except it will use Windows Explorer.

Locate your file in the folder it resides in on your computer and select the file. Once selected, Click on “Open”

2012-04-28 22-14-40

Step 8:

Once you have clicked on “Open”, you will be presented with another dialog box to confirm your upload settings.

Note: Ensure that the box next to “Convert documents, presentations…” is de-selected. We do not want to convert.

Once you’ve confirmed that the box is not checked, “Click” on “Start upload”

Confirm settings

Once the upload is complete, you should see the “Upload complete” dialog box confirming your file has been uploaded and that the “Settings : Conversion: off” has been acknowledged.

Upload confirmation

Congratulations! You have now uploaded the document to Google Docs.

File uploaded

Step 8:

In order to share that document, we need to select the file by “Clicking” on the “Checkbox” next to the file name, then “Share” and “Share” once again.

Share file

Step 9:

Now that you have the “Shared settings” dialog box up, simple enter the email(s) of the people that you would like to share the document with, “Click” “Done” and they will be notified that the document is now available with a link.

Share with people