About to Go Live

Hi and welcome to Take Charge Online!


We're all about empowering individuals and businesses that want to Take Charge of:

  • Their online presence
  • Use technology to simplify & enhance how to do things
  • Learn new approaches to different technology challenges

Increase your knowledge of how to use tools such as:

  • Evernote (store text, image, audio and video)
  • MailChimp (direct marketing with email)
  • Content Publishing with WordPress or Joomla
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media

We'll have lots of training, articles and input on taking charge of technology so that you can have increased efficiency, time and security.

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Update: April 29th, 2012

Thanks for the feedback!

We've made several more tweaks, expanded some categorie and have posted some additional articles to complete our testing cycle.

The rest of today (Sunday April 29th) will be spent posting additional articles and locking down most of the changes. Going forward we may tweak some additional settings, but they won't be that noticable. However, if there is something that is a noticable and/or visable change, we'll let you know via the Site News section.

The Take Charge Team

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