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About Us

Take Charge Online is all about helping you to:

  • Gain insight into what is happening with Technology, The Internet and the Companies / People that drive it
  • Learn new approaches to old (and new) challenges
  • Leverage technology for you business
  • Improve and speed up work flow to become more efficient
  • Take Charge of your online presence and achieve higher Search Engine Ranking (SEO)
  • Engage others at a higher level through Social Media
  • Learn how to advertise or monetize your web or Internet presence
  • Go mobile with a vengeance and not worry about where information resides

What we do is to take something of interest, break it down into 5 to 10 minutes chunks (video, audio, text/graphics) and present it in a straightforward manner. Experience has shown that unless you use something on a regular basis, retaining large of amounts of instruction simply doesn't work for the majority of people.

What are examples?

  • How to create folders on your Windows PC/Laptop and have any files scanned into those folders be automatically loaded into Evernote in one step
  • How do I create a pivot table in Microsoft Excel
  • How to add an appointment on your calendar by using Siri on your Apple iPhone
  • Why do I need a Twitter account if I'm a business
  • What's the point of having a Facebook page if I'm a business
  • Why do I care if AT&T is throttling all their unlimited data plan users to be the same as the 3GB customers
  • Why should I send out a regular email newsletter

Everything we write about will come in the form of an article that may contain video (like a screen-cast), audio recording, text with lots of pictures. They will be cross-referenced where appropriate and tagged for easy retrieval. You may print them out, add them to Evernote (which we use) or OneNote, email them to yourself or simply come back later and do an easy search.

Where anything looks like a series of articles, we will have a suggested sequence (course list) available.

The goal is to allow you to take or understand immediately what the article or subject matter is and put it to immediate use. As always, we like to start simple and iterative through subjects so retention is highest or the easiest to come back to.

News & Opinion

Knowing what's going on with technology and the Internet helps us make decisions that can put us ahead of the curve. At one time the things moved slowly enough that, for example, buying a phone that lasted 2 or three years was common. Now, choosing the right phone, or the right tablet can be both expensive and contractually restrictive. Making the right choice for you is now more critical than even a few years ago.

News will keep you updated on the "goings on" in the tech industry, especially as it pertains to the subject areas we cover or if there will be impact.

Opinion? Well, it's just that, opinion. We love disruptive technology and innovation in all areas. Why? Because great things can happen. Look at Apple and it's effect. We have really cool and useful smart-phones, we have tablets that are replacing desktops and laptops. Quality is going up and the pace of innovation is increasing.

We hope you find value and enjoy your time here. If you would like to see anything not here or have feedback, please fill free to fill out the form below and let us know.

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